The first edition of the database CONIS (Conflict Information System) had been developed in 2003 especially for the reasons of conflict early warning. It contains the data for the dynamics of development of more than 800 political intrastate and interstate conflicts all over the world since 1945, among them the conflicts presented in the Conflict Barometer (current status: Conflict Barometer 2008).

The common of CONIS and the HIIK considers political conflicts a special type of social systems. Because of this methodology conflicts can be gathered empirically and displayed in their whole possible dynamic, starting from a non-violent conflict to a war and to possible de-escalation. Therefore the structure of the CONIS database with its several ten thousand information points allows for a detailed view on conflicts, which also makes transparent the course of violent conflicts of a low intensity.

CONIS contains course data for the following variables:

  • intensity
  • directly involved conflict actors
  • constellation of the actors
  • conflict item
  • affected country

Since 2003 the CONIS research group has been implementing several research projects basing on the gathered data.